Tuesday, August 6, 2013


And now for something completely different!

The movie I would like to watch would be Riddick vs all of the Necromongers as they mutiny against him.  He would run and fight and it would be a fairly simple action film.  The bounty hunters would show up (because you have to have a couple) and they would set the necromonger ship to crash into a nearby planet.  Saying that the only way out was with them.  The last sequence would be a mad dash to escape before the ship crashes.  Then the ship crashes!  Did he die?  we don't know!

Then to tease the next movie, after the credits you have the narration of "You thought I was dead?  The dead don't narrate." Rubble shifts up and we see the glowing eyes!   hahaha I know that's not the movie that was made but I'm sure it'll be equally ridiculous, and I'm sure I'll still dig it

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