Friday, August 23, 2013


Yeah!  New post!!

Been cranking away like crazy at Marvel and on the Shredder one-shot...  So cool stuff comin' up for sure.  But for now, since I'm too busy to post every day AND since I made it through issue 6 of turtles, I'm gonna take a break and post some different stuff for a little bit.

Over at I said I would do a process for the Riddick piece.  And here it is!

I started with just wanting to do a Riddick piece and played around on the iPad.

But that sketch had no implied story so I wasn't too interested.  Then I came up with a different composition in my head.  I liked it better because it had a setting Riddick could live in and it told a story even if it was a simple one.  I also had color ideas for this composition so I just sketched it out and then got to work.

The way I've been working is to just blow up this stuff and go straight to inks with the light box.  Once this was done and scanned I darkened most of the inks.  The "mountain range" in the background I lightened up by about 50% to imply some atmospheric perspective

After the inks I went in broadly and flatted the image.  I try to have an idea for color before I start with color and this was no different.  I knew that mouth would be a light source and that the background would be darker.  I also went to to get a visual reference for what I had in mind.  This website is outrageous!  So awesome!  And once I knew what I wanted I made sure to choose colors for my flat selections that would still work for the illustration.  I don't like choosing random colors for my flats because I loose sight of the ultimate color goals.

after the flats I do the shadows, and then I do the highlights and effects.  Most everything is built very simply using layers set to overlay with varying opacities.  Overlay tends to work better than multiply for shadows especially because you can just use black and it will sample the colors in a much more organic way.

and that's it!!

More soon,

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I realized from the last post that I got to do a few designs for this issue as well!  The Savate ninja, who if you look closely you'll see had shorts, hoodie and a puffy vest.  It didn't fly but I still think it was fun.    And the Mousers!!!  So much fun for my inner child.  But not as much fun as Krang.  Still dig this design.  The current artist on the series (Mateus) did a version that absolutely kills tho.  It pays homage to the old cartoon but still looks threatening!  So yeah I still love mine but go find his when you're done here!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Shredder is kicking my ass haha!  But more on that later, for now a couple more pages from issue #6.  The layouts I sent in were actually finished pencils on this issue, complete with filler balloons so I didn't  forget to leave room for them.  The dialogue I make up is as amusing to me as it is terrible, so I don't think Tom was ever worried.  French words!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


And now for something completely different!

The movie I would like to watch would be Riddick vs all of the Necromongers as they mutiny against him.  He would run and fight and it would be a fairly simple action film.  The bounty hunters would show up (because you have to have a couple) and they would set the necromonger ship to crash into a nearby planet.  Saying that the only way out was with them.  The last sequence would be a mad dash to escape before the ship crashes.  Then the ship crashes!  Did he die?  we don't know!

Then to tease the next movie, after the credits you have the narration of "You thought I was dead?  The dead don't narrate." Rubble shifts up and we see the glowing eyes!   hahaha I know that's not the movie that was made but I'm sure it'll be equally ridiculous, and I'm sure I'll still dig it

Friday, August 2, 2013


there were no major revisions for issue 6.  Actually from this point on it started to hit a groove and relax a little but there were changes made.  Here are some pencils to inks comparisons!


Thursday, August 1, 2013


So I have started a new lil' thing over at IDW, I think it's already online but I'm gonna wait a little bit to talk about it anyways.  But that,  along with the work at Marvel has started to tax my free time so I've been slipping a little bit on the daily posts.  Hopefully it won't be too bad, and it'll only last a few weeks, so we'll just see how it goes.

For now... Issue 6!  It was the first time I was totally on my own for this book, and I got to do more for this issue than any other for the whole run since I got to do all the layouts and knock out the cover from start to finish!

The composition of the turtles changed a bit from my roughs but I had a pretty good Idea of what I wanted, so this one was pretty smooth.