Sunday, November 30, 2008

Diggin' up Robots

So this week I was thinking about a piece I did for a friend based on his personal project that's loosely based on me and our shenanigans. Because it's not my book I'm not going to go in to specifics but it's going to rock you when he finally does this.
I actually did this painting of a Hardcore/metal robot back in August of 07. Mostly because I loved the idea of a giant robot wearing a giant hoodie and bandanna. It was unfinished in a lot of ways. The missiles at the bottom were too rough, it needed some other hints of color, and I wasn't happy with the "city scape" in the background. So I took what I had and ran it through photoshop and illustrator...
And now I like it again... The grenade was a total last minute thought I had to be funny and rip off the james jean Fable cover for the "Sons of Empire" trade. But I actually think it gives it some vague storytelling element. Because of the season and the colors I added, it seems that storytelling element is about Christmas. I work retail, so I want to bomb Christmas I guess.

Word, more next week!



Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gotta' start somewhere...

I just learned how to subscribe to RSS feeds through gmail. It's amazing and has changed my life. And now with the time it's saved me checking all my blogs I'm starting my own.

Part "Personal Journal" and part self promotional device. I'm going to throw up new work and any old work that I may want to talk about. And I'll probably talk about my friends too!

I'm still learning the ins and outs of this site so for now here are some sketches...

More soon,