Thursday, July 25, 2013


Moving is the worst.  It slowed me down by a few days but no time to catch up like the present.  Here are a couple more pages from issue 4.  One has a very minor change and in the other revision was a little bigger.  Also, the first I should point out that the first image is the original and the second version is what went to print!

Next up issue 5!


Jason Cannady said...

Yeah Moving sucks! Hope everything went well. I like how you use dense black ink brush stokes. You use the medium to give action panels a really good sense of kinetic energy. Did a lot of that come from older Japanese art influence?

Dan Duncan said...

Definitely. A lot of times I use heavy brushwork in the background. I feel like depending on how you use it, it can add mood or movement and energy. That brushwork especially is inspired by Japanese calligraphy.

But I'm also inspired by other artists who work in a similar style to my own. But I always assume that they're inspired by that kind of stuff too haha