Thursday, May 30, 2013


2 in a row!  I'm on my way!  So for the last couple years I've been working in animation and comics, often simultaneously.  The work has been a blast, but for awhile it was crazy overwhelming.  Hence the disappearing act.

So I think for the foreseeable future, my plan is to put up a small entry every day I come into work.  Usually some art, and maybe every now and then some ideas about the business, a tutorial or an artist that is really inspiring me.  Just some kind of fun content.  I figure If I can spend 8 or 10 hours working for someone else, then surely I can take a few minutes out of my lunch to do something for myself!

So first up I spent a year working on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle book at IDW but before that I got some covers over at Image on a really fun book called Xenoholics.  Josh Williamson and Seth Damoose did a killer job together and I am still flattered they let me contribute.  

Here is cover # 1

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