Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New York Comic Con

I will be going to NYCC, I will be all over the place but my home base will be the table (P-1) of my friends Joe Dellagatta, Dan Quiles, and Shaun Oneil. Shaun and I also have work in Outlaw Territory #2 which is a western anthology from Image and from my understanding they will have copies!!

Also at the show will be Jorge Coelho and Renaissance man Eric Skillman. Eric wrote colored and lettered a short story I was fortunate enough to draw and I believe he will also be selling that at his table (R-11) Here is a bunch of art (the final cover + cover attempts and pages) for it!

hope to see you there!!

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Ricardo VenĂ¢ncio said...

Cool, I see Skillman is keeping all his collaborators busy.
I'm Jorge Coelho's studio mate and it's been nice to see this group of talented illustrators developing stuff around Eric's ideas for the last years.

Hope everything goes forward for you guys!
Dan, big talent.